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CakesbyTamelia Gallery

Children Tiered Cakes Children Tiered Cakes Pokemon Cake Fondant ,cake , memphis,tunica , Pokemon cake 206596679 Sesame Street Cake Fondant, Sesame Street,cake Memphis tunica 206599164 little Mermaid Cakes little mermaid cakes, blue ,Memphis,tunica 205776102 pink and white disco Cake disco cake 205780432 Princess Cake pink and white fondant princess cake, Memphis, tunica 205288004 luau Cake luau cake, Memphis, tunica 205287972 Minions Cake 204942577 Paw Patrol Cake a paw patrol cake, fondant , blue, white, red, birthday cakes, Memphis, Tunica 204199216 Super Mario Cake Mario , cakes, Mario cakes, boys cakes, blue, birthday cakes, fondant cakes, Memphis 201523774 M&M Cake M&M ,Cakes, Birthdays cakes, Memphis cakes, Tunica cakes , fondant cakes, 3d cakes, fondant topper 199102413 Monster High Cakes A two tier Monster high cake, all fondant, chocolate and vanilla cake, pink and blue, Memphis,tunica,blue 204089350 Cars Cakes Cars Cakes , fondant 205632472 Cars Cake cars cakes. blue, sky, birthday cakes, cars, children cakes, Memphis cakes, fondant .blue 179881634 Sesame Street cake 206596680 Cars Cake cars. cakes , red, blue, sky, fondant cakes, children cakes, Memphis cakes,tunica,blue 179881625 Princess Cake Disney, princess ,Cinderella, cakes, Memphis, ,ark, girls cakes, 3 tiers ,pink cake, princess cakes, children cakes, custom cakes , fondant cakes , Disney cakes, tunica,blue 202148113 Cars Cakes cars cakes, red, black, boys cakes, fondant ,cakes ,Memphis cakes , turning 2, custom cakes 199754662 little Princess Cake Little Princess cakes with Crown and afro puffs, buttercream and fondant , hand made crown , baby shower, birthday, Memphis, blue,tunica 204942585 Paw Patrol Cake paw patrol, cakes, white ,red, blue, 1st birthday, Memphis ,blue, children cakes, birthday cakes, buttercream, custom cakes, paw patrol cakes red, white and blue, 202148115 Ninja Cake with Sword Ninja Cake With Sword ,Memphis ,Tuncia 204942878 Minnie Mouse Cake A pink and white fondant cake with hand made topper for a 6 year old, Minnie mouse, Minnie mouse cakes 204130832 hello kitty cakes hello kitty cake, fondant cakes pink and white cake, children cakes ,custom cakes, fondant topper 202134109 Sprinkle Cake rainbow sprinkle cake 205112586 Shimmer and Shine Cake shimmer and shine pillow cake 205112580 Paw Patrol Cake a red white and blue paw patrol cake for a !st birthday, red,white and blue, 1st birhtday cakes, paw patrol, memphis, tunica 204130834 Minons Cakes Minions Cake ,buttercream and fondant cake, blue , memhis, tunica 204942570 My Little Teapot Cake A pink teapot with fondant flowers and butterflies ,Memphis cakes pink and white , blue,tunica 203481428 Avengers Cake avengers cake, fondant 204942838 1st Birthday Carnival Cake 1st Birthday cake 205112577 Princess Cakes This a yellow cake with fondant, Pink ,crown, princess 203571533 Pawn Patrol Cake Fondant Cake, blue and white, Paw Patrol , Paw Patrol cakes, birthday cakes, Memphis, Tunica 204199217 ladybug Cake ladybug cake, cakes, memphis cakes, butter cream cakes, red cakes , number 1 cake, 1st birthday cakes 198434179 Super Mario Cake Nario Cake, all fondant ,mario cake ,super mario cakes, blue, memphis, tunca 204130835 Shimmer and Shine Cake shimmer and shine cake 205112581 Hello Kitty Cake pink and purple cakes ,tunica, Memphis cakes children cakes, 3d fondant Topper, blue 193106093 Minnie Mouse Cake a pink and white minnie mouse cake for a 4 year old, pink and white, Minne mouse, memphis, tunica 204130836 Minnie Mouse Cake Minnie mouse, cakes pink and white, girls . children cakes, memphis cakes,tunica,blue 195413403 Sponge bob and Friends blue, sponge bob cakes, Tunica , Memphis cakes, children cakes, cakes,custom cakes,blue 191732155 Dora the Explorer cake Dora cake, girls,birthdays, dora, children cakes, Memphis, custom cakes, buttercream 179881627 Thomas the Train Cake Thomas the train cake, green ,children cakes, Memphis cakes, butter cream cakes, Thomas cakes 184262409 Elmo Cake Elmo cake, children cakes, 3d cakes 195413893 Sweet Sixteen Cake Sweet sixteen cake 184262414 Unicorn Cake Unicorn Cake, Buttercream, Memphis cakes, tunica Cakes 205632486 Princess and the Frog Cake Princess and the frog cake, children cakes, custom cakes,memphis cakes. fondant , 179877173 Dora Water fall with Cupcakes Dora Cakes, cupcakes, waterfall cakes, custom cakes, buttercream , children cakes, 186489296 Sponge Bob and Patrick cakes sponge bog and Patrick cakes, 180102379 Sesame Street cake sesame street cakes, children cakes, birthday cakes, Memphis, blue and yellow 179876923 Lol Cake Lol Cakes, Memphis cakes, tunica 205632487 Shrek Cake Shrek birthday cakes, children cakes, memphis cakes, buttercream cake 179876929 Sports Ball Cake football, soccer, basketball, cakes, children , birthdays cakes,memphis 179878417 Make-up cake Make-up and purse cakes theme cake. 191733914 Sponge Bob and Patrick Cake sponge bob cakes, boys cakes, children cakes,memphis 180102381 Yo Gabba Gabba Cake Yo Gabba Gabba Cake, 180380328 Hello Kitty Cakes hello kitty, cakes, birthdays, children, Pink and white cake, hello kitty cakes, Memphis Cakes 179881632 Dinosaur Cake Dinosaur cakes, cakes, 179876928 Spiderman Cake spiderman cake 180104287 Carnival cake 1st Birthday Carnival Cake, popcorn,cotton candy, candy, icee,1st birthday,Memphis,tunica 206606754 Boss Baby Cheetah print Boss baby cake memphis , tunica 206606756 Star Wars cake Star Wars cake , memphis ,tunica 206606757 Troll Birthday Cake Troll birthday cake memphis, tunica 206606759